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Affaires sensibles

Five news stories, told by reporter Brigitte Vital-Durand, specialized in criminal cases and police investigations.
Five true stories illustrated by Nadja, Grégory Mardon, Fanny Michaëlis, Hugues Micol et Stéphane Trapier.
Five interactive stories you should scroll through on your mobile. In partnership with France Inter. Affaires sensibles, a collection of true stories designed for your phone..

Do Not Track

We are particularly proud to present this project, born by the coming together of many incredible talents (too many to list them here, but we did there). It is also our first international co-production and we’re grateful we had this opportunity to work, together with our friends at Arte, at the NFB, at BR, but also at Radio Canada, at TSR and AJ+, on this very important subject. So after 2 years of (very) hard work, here is Do Not Track, our personalized web-documentary series about online privacy. The first episodes are already available. Together, let’s track the trackers!.

L'Amour en cité

A documentary film (52') by Maïram Guissé and Rudy Williams Kabuiku. Yes, there is love in disadvantaged areas. Watch it (again) on Youtube


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