IDFA DocLab {Do Not Play}

  • Online edition published in November 2020
  • Produced for the IDFA DocLab with Ohyay

The pandemic will not pass! How can we reinvent a festival that brings together the public and professionals of interactive documentary every year in Amsterdam, when the world is confined? How can we rediscover the pleasure of exchanging with « zoom fatigue »?

We brainstormed with our friends at DocLab, and met up with other new friends on the other side of the globe who were releasing a beta version of a new online creative platform, a kind of mutant, illegitimate child of MySpace and Zoom/Google Meet, which turned out to be much more than that!

As a result, we put online a space where the public and professionals could interact, discover new things, meet up for dinner in a restaurant or go out for a smoke while playing Pacman, before moving on to a karaoke session… yes, yes, all that…

And then, because it was so much fun, we went back to the drawing board with smaller versions for the SXSW and Sundance 2021 festivals.

A brief overview ©Callum Cooper

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