Multiplayer escape game
From 4 to 6 players in cooperation
Multiple simultaneous games possible
1h30 / 2h00 average
Difficulty: medium
Success rate: 85%
Required equipment: computer, internet connection, browser, headset, microphone (software installation not required)
Languages: French / English


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This virtual escape game is an immersive experience made with real-life images of the ghost town Pyramiden, containing an original storyline with numerous mysteries to solve with your teammates.

Plug in your camera, turn on your mic and meet your teammates at Pyramiden.

You will need to explore the town, translate Cyrillic, hack remotes, handle keys, run away from polar bears, work together as a team and above all… find the way out before it is too late.


The script

Explore Pyramiden, and immerse yourself in the forgotten Soviet utopia just a stone’s throw away from the North Pole.

Our travel agency C’était mieux avant offers you tourist experiences through space and time! Don’t wait anymore! Try our new destination: Pyramiden, 1970.

Located in the heart of the Svalbard archipelago off the coast of Norway, Pyramiden is a Soviet paradise that was soon deserted after the fall of the regime. But during the 1970s, in the middle of the Soviet golden age, all Russians dreamed of settling in this contemporary utopia. You too can enjoy its idyllic living conditions and breathtaking scenery with our patented time travel technology.

Fasten your seat belt, and get ready for takeoff. Be careful, however: the agency declines all responsibility in cases of spatio-temporal defects.

« The scenery is as amazing as the puzzles »

— Romain, time traveller —


What to expect

Escape games are collaborative efforts. In either a physical or digital space, the goals remain the same: l: groups must find their way out in a limited amount of time. But for that, they will have to solve puzzles, open lockers, wander in many places…


Puzzle games


The virtual escape game allows colleagues to play together from home with just a computer, an internet connection, headphones and a webcam. They then become immersed in an exciting new world following a story where they are the main characters.

In an IRL escape game, space is limited. Here in Pyramiden, the space seems endless, allowing individuals to explore a vast scenery that is full of surprises.

Attendance of a game master
during the whole session


Personalized clues during the game
adapted to the team’s level


An original scenario based
on an artistic photographic work


Intervention of
interesting characters


« Great experience, we thought, we laughed and we did it! »

— Camille, time traveller —


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Who are we ?

Upian is a production company and web design studio created in 1998. For years, the team has been passionate about the new forms of narration in documentaries.
During those two years of pandemic, Upian has been collaborating with the developers of a new immersive platform called Ohyay.
The online version of the IDFA Doclab was the principal challenge during the second lockdown. This version provides an immersive universe capturing the ambiance of a festival, but experienced from home: round tables, professional meetings, keynotes, screenings, karaoke nights…
T.M is an online theatrical experience developed by the Belgian theater company Ontroerend Goed and Upian on the Ohyay platform. Developed in English, French and Italian.


Hiver Prodis a video game studio created by the photographer Frederic Jamain and the game director Nicolas Pelloille-Oudart. They both visited the city of Pyramiden for one month, taking pictures specifically for the Pyramiden escape game. During their stay, they slept in a container while eating cold soups, all while hoping not to cross paths with any bears.


« A real team effort! »

— Joël, time traveller —