Since, Upian Gallery Paris

  • Gallery operated from 2009 to 2013

eBoy, Boris Hoppeck, Philippe Brault, Aurélie Mathigot, Specter, Fupete, MWM, Machine Molle, Régis-R, Pierre Roy-Camille, FKDL, Titi From Paris, Philippe Baudelocque, Agnès Rosse. So much memories. For 4 years, Since, Upian Gallery Paris has exhibited many artists coming from around the globe. What about a little retrospective ? Starting with eBoy, first show, which will remain in our memories. Yes, we were a bit younger too… Feel free to navigate through the pictures of the walls. Some are still visible, others are being renewed. Beside, our good friend Specter is working on our wall at the moment… to celebrate the end of 2015 ! Love.

Street art on our wall


A few memories caught on video