• Release in 2021
  • An interactive fable by Thomas Cadène & Nicolas Pelloille-Oudart
  • Illustrated by Florent Fortin
  • Artistic direction by Fred Jamain & Sébastien Brothier
  • Coproduced by Upian, Hiver Prod & ARTE

Two young boys are lost in a labyrinth.

One of them is called Asterion, the other is Theseus. Each on their own but guided by Ariadne, they search for the way out.

The user plays Ariadne and can only guide one character at a time. However, the more the user helps one of them move forward, the more the other gets lost in the depths of the maze.

Unmaze is an interactive fable for smartphones and tablets, where the story unfolds according to the spectator’s environment. Every time the lighting changes, the narrative is transformed, affecting the characters and the outcome.

If the user is in the dark,
he or she will follow Asterion’s story. 

If the light is bright,
Theseus’s story will play out.

It’s up to the user to change the level of ambient light by turning off a lamp or going outside.

The story is told with no voice-over narration, alternating from drawings and animated scenes to dialogues between Ariadne (the user) and the character he or she is following. The scenery, like the narrative, changes depending on the character the user decides to follow.

  • Device: Smartphone and tablet
  • Type: Narrative game / interactive fiction
  • Length: 3 hours
  • Point of view: Ariadne
  • Objective: Help the characters escape the labyrinth
  • Interaction: Changes in ambient light, movement of the character on the map and multiple choice answers